Svartzonker Offset Weighted Hook




Svartzonker Offset Weighted Hook, Screw in - Qty 2

Svartzonker Offset Hooks offers a great, weedless presentation and action on larger soft plastic swimbaits such as the Svartzonker McRubber 17 & 21cm,  Pig Shad JR 20cm and the Swing Impact 6.8 & 7.8" swimbaits. The fixed zink weight on the shank under the belly of the lure helps it sink  in a natural position more slowly through the water column and the weedless nature of the rig allows you to access those hard to reach snaggy spots.

The sharp quality hook has a wide gap which gives you secure hook set on deeper bodied lures. The attached screw in lure holder provides superior holding power. 

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