Svartzonker McTail The Original Slow Sink - 13.5cm

Colour: Glitter Sober
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Svartzonker McTail The Original Slow Sink 13.5cm, 26cm with tail, 94g - Qty 1

The Svartzonker Mctail will between approx 0.5 - 4 meters deep. It is made of durable plastic with through body wire. It also has a new construction to attach the tail in form of a spiral. This allows you to easily change the rubber tail when needed but also allows you to fine tune your bait to move as you want it to.

The Mctail is a jerkbait that has a very irregular side to side action with nice glide with a slight darting action up and down. The bait itself takes one or two casts to experiment and learn how you best want to fish it. Ultimately each Mctail, with its irregular action, becomes very personal and unique and is a must in every serious anglers arsenal. Get a spare tail to replace damaged ones, or create your own colour combinations... or go for the BIG TAIL as seen on Pike Fight catching some BIG pike! Have a look at the 15cm version now in stock, the Mctail Junior.

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