Svartzonker McTail Junior - 15.5cm



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Svartzonker McTail Junior. Body 8.5cm total length 15.5cm, 35g - Qty 1

The Svartzonker McTail Jr is an awesome 15.5 cm long Hybrid lure that is extremely versatile. Fish on a slow steady retrieve to go a bit deeper with a subtle gliding action, or even weigh it down a little with a Jika Weight to find those bigger more lethargic fish, or fish fast near the surface, and even with a jerkbait type action producing a side to side head action that can drive predators mad. 

The McTails are manufactured out of one-piece molded ABS plastic with zinc weighting and stainless steel through wire construction. They’re extremely durable and fish well for not only pike, zander and musky, but also bass and many saltwater species. 

Like it's bigger brother the Mctail V2, this little lure is a proven fish catcher! The V2 Spare Tail is the perfect replacement to create that Big Tail effect. 


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