Svartzonker McShades - Polarised Sunglasses




Svartzonker McShades - Polarised Sunglasses

These very stylish "McShades" Polaroid Fishing Glasses from Svartzonker come in three different designs with lenses tailored for different lights levels.

These Polarised lenses are made from polycarbonate with a protective film that makes them durable, strong and more resistant to scratching.

All lenses are CE-marked, which guarantees a high UV protection, where most of the dangerous UV radiation is filtered out.

Most won't understand a word Claes says in the video, but I am sure you will agree, he looks cool! 

Svartzonker McShades really come into their own out on the water thanks to the polarization but due to the classy design, they make for a great pair of all round casual and stylish shades, bringing the fishing mojo to the streets! 

The frame is made of luxury acetate with an integrated steel wire, which allows you to shape the frame for personal fit your face snugly.

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