Svartzonker McRubber Shad - 23cm

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Svartzonker McRubber Shad 23cm, 70g - Qty 2 

Claes "Svartzonker" Claesson is one of the most prominent lure makers in Sweden and his Svartzonker brand is very respected throughout the Nordic countries, and for good reason! He has been consistently churning out very effective lures that have reached nearly cult-level popularity, especially among pike anglers.

The McRubber Shad is the new member of the McRubber family. It is longer than the Big McRubber but its body is significantly narrower. This gives the McRubber Shad its side-to-side swaying action.

The McRubber can be fished very slowly using shallow screws paired with a Stinger Tackle Rig or screw in heads, add a bit of colour with the Fluoro Orange Screw in Heads in stock now. Alternatively, rig on a traditional jig head and fish at various depths depending on the weight. If it's bling you want, why not add a Spinner Rig 

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