Svartzonker Heavy Duty Power Cutters - 21cm

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Svartzonker Heavy Duty Power Cutters - 21cm

These robust and strong wire cutter are an absolute must have particularly for those pike fishermen out there; not just for the wellbeing of the fish, btu for the fisherman and his gear too. 

Due to the unique "bolt cutter" style pivot, these really are super strong cutters that will deal with the thickest gauge hooks with ease! The spring ensures the will ope on their own, making cutting those hooks a little quicker and easier to do with one hand. Fitted with a "latch" at the handles' end to hold the pliers closed during storage.

Constructed from stainless steel with rubberized handles ensuring a good grip even in wet conditions. Service your cutters with a little oil once in a while and they should last many years. 


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