Svartzonker Black Series Pro Spinning Rod

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Svartzonker Black Series Pro Spinning Rod

Svartzonker Sweden is a company that specialise in the high-quality products created by Claes “Svartzonker” Claesson, designed particularly for pike fishing. Svartzonker products, such as the McRubber range of lures, have risen to almost cult status within the Nordic countries and following not too far behind in the rest of Europe, including the UK.

The Black Series Pro is a more exclusive rod series based on our hugely popular Black Series that gives you many benefits for your fishing.

The rods are well-balanced, light, fast and developed to cover all types of water, the fish and above all to give the fisherman the little extra with faster "hook sets", fantastic drills and to be able to cast all day, over and over again.


• 30T graphite blank
• Fuji roller mount
• Fuji butt
• Gunsmoke coloured XQ K-guide loops with zirconium inserts
• Split grip with AAA cork
• Delivered in fabric case


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