Sunline Siglon PE X8 Braid Multi Coloured- 150m




Sunline Siglon PE X8 Braid Multi Coloured- 150m

What our customers are saying:


"Sometimes find that after a solid two weeks of dropshot fishing from the kayak in the same depth, my braid can seem worn and start to fray. Not had that issue with this, stayed smooth throughout so am confident it will last." - Rach Hingley on Nov 07, 2021

The Siglon PE X8 is Sunline's newest braid, offering incredible performance at an amazing price! Made from EX-PE fibres, SIGLON PE offers a tightly woven braid that provides superior abrasion resistance, a very thin diameter for its breaking strain and minimal stretch. It is very easy to manage with a stiff yet ultra-smooth and round profile.

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