Sunline Shooter FC Sniper Fluorocarbon - 100m




Sunline Shooter FC Sniper Fluorocarbon - 100m

The Shooter Sunline is endorsed by top anglers worldwide and I can now see why! Many fluorocarbons out there, even the top quality ones are too hard and have way too much memory to use as a Mainline, but not the Shooter FC Sniper, this line is as soft as mono, with all the other qualities you'd expect from a World Class, 100% Fluorocarbon line, hence makes for a great leader material too.

With "World Class Standard" as its motto, this super fluorocarbon line has been re-forged from square one, starting from a revamping of the raw material itself. Each pound test is designed specifically to maximize the features of the line. The last word in fluorocarbon line for bass fishing on the world stage. 

An astonishing feeling that overturns the concept of fluorocarbon


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