Strike Pro Perch Pop 7cm

Strike Pro



Strike Pro Perch Pop Popper 7cm, 12g - Qty 1

Popper fishing really is the single best way to catch a fish in my humble opinion and don't think it is just a novelty, at times it can be absolutely THE most effective method. Explosive, heart stopping attacks are the norm with topwater popper fishing and you just can never get enough of it. Strike Pro Pike Pop is particularly good for perch, but it also attracts pike. Genuine Strike Pro quality in terms of finishing.

The Strike Pro Perch Pop is the next generation of surface lures, offering a huge concave nose with specially designed head containing slits in the "gills" extending to the nose that allow water to push through with each POP, causing additional disturbance, noise and a bubble trail on the surface as the lure spits and pops along like a struggling baitfish, bringing in fish from afar and if that is not enough, the lure is fitted with low frequency rattles and feathers on the back hook for a more fishlike silhouette just for that added attraction! 


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