Strike Pro Jonny Vobbler 13cm

Strike Pro



Strike Pro Jonny Vobbler 13cm, 53g. Floating, Depth 0.5 - 2m - Qty 1

The Strike Pro Jonny Vobbler a chubby crankbait, made of a durable plastic with Nano coating, based on the legendary original, a handmade lure, made by Jonny Thofeldt himself. For some years, the rubber lures have dominated the market, but we should not forget that before the rubber era started, wobblers and hardbaits were the staple of most predator fishermen's bait boxes, of course, these types of baits delivered and continue to deliver great results.

With its rolling action and durable design, the Jonny Vobbler has what it takes to be a big-fish magnet. Whether you are an experienced angler with high demands on your lures, or new to pike fishing, Jonny Vobbler is clearly a lure that is worth the effort! Just a slow retrieve would do the trick, but give an extra trigger with some spin stops!

If you want to fish really shallow, hold your rod tip up high and you lower the rod after the bait comes closer. With this method, you can keep the bait at about the same depth throughout your retreat. If you want to fish deeper, you start with the rod tip towards the bait and then lower the tip as the bait comes closer.

Do you want to fish even deeper? Then use a BFT Tungsten Fastach Sinker or you can also use a BFT Power Dot to change the depth of the fish and the bait properties.

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