Strike Pro Catchy 13cm

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Strike Pro Catchy 13cm, total length with tail 24.6cm. 95g - 104g with beads in place - Qty 1 + 9 Beads

The brand new, hot pike lure from Strike Pro Catchy is designed by Rockabilly Lures and has already established itself in Europe as a big pike catcher. The lure has a hole in the head that can be filled with 6mm beads to adjust the sink rate of the lure to suit the depth you want to fish at any given time. Twitch it a little and the lure will give you a lovely belly flash. The lure is supplied with 9 x 6mm metal balls with the ability to insert up to 9 in the lure for maximum sink rate. There is a bonus free 9 beads, but they are loose so be careful when opening!! In addition to the beads that can be added, the lure is equipped with a low frequency rattle to drive those weary predators over the edge. 

The tail can be easilly replaced if damaged, or just to create your own unique colour combinations, using the Strike Pro Guppie Spare Tails, or you can go BIG with the Svartzonker BIG Tail, paddle tail or even the Double.... there are lots of options to suit your fishing personal conditions. 

A slow, steady retrieve will make the lure wobble a little with its wide nose or fish with fast jerks to make it dart side to side as the lure pauses, it will drive pike mad. 

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