Strike Pro Buster Swim Slow Sink 13cm

Strike Pro



Strike Pro Buster Swim Slow Sink Swimbait 13cm, 65g - Qty 1

Introducing, from CWC Strike Pro, the next member of the Buster Jerk family, Buster Swim! By deepening the body of the original 15cm Buster Jerk shape and making a little shorter, this lure has a different action, with a more side to side "S Shaped" movement with more flanking and flashing of the sides to those hungry predator fish! Fish it on a steady retrieve for an S motion or spin stops for an erratic action with the lure drifting off to one side or another, flanking and flashing it's holographic colours making it almost irresistible to hungry pike, musky, bass and other predatory fish species, even use short twitches with the rod tip for a walk the dog action. Comes equipped with 2 super sharp, 2/0 treble hooks, built in rattles and balancing weights for the perfect action, all constructed from solid, LEAD FREE materials for a lure to stand up to the rigours of predator angling.

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