Strike Pro Astro Vibe UV 5,5cm

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Strike Pro Astro Vibe UV 5,5cm - 16.7g

What our customers are saying:

"Pretty little lures with a decent selection of colour patterns. When I ordered my first lot I was concerned over how secure the plastic part would be but after extensive use they have held up well as has the colours. When all else has failed on go these gems and ripped vertically over weed beds they have a way of enticing the fish to strike".

Shaun Milner on May 07, 2018

This is a hard vibrating Bladebait, which is a variant of a Rattlebait but in solid metal. However, AstroVibe has something extra, a hollow stomach with small rattling balls, which gives off a "baitfish frequency". This stomach is additionally made of UV Coated plastic, which is illuminated with a violet glow in all weather! Astro Vibe drops quickly and can be fished very deep, even completely vertical. This is a highly versatile lure for shallow and deep water fishing! Have a look at the smaller Astro Vibe 4.5cm, 10gram version. 

For a little extra flash, try moving the the back hook to the 2nd hole provided and adding a Decoy Rollin Blade



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