Strike King Mini King Spinnerbait - 3.5g

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Strike King Mini King Spinnerbait 3.5g - Qty 1

For decades, the Mini-King Spinnerbait has been the most popular small spinnerbait for lighter rods, smaller fish, pressured waters and newcomers to fishing because it is easy to fish, works so well and gets lots of bites! It has a “safety pin” wire so your knot or line clip won’t slip out of position. Weighing just 1/8oz, the Strike King Mini-King Spinnerbait is ideal for perch, pike, chub, trout and bass amongst other predatory species. Each Mini-King Spinnerbait is fitted with a 2.1 size Tennessee diamond blade for maximum flash and vibration. Every Mini-King Spinnerbait also features a durable Diamond Dust head and seductive silicone skirt. Add an 8cm Westin BullTeez trailer for added fish attracting action! Trailer not included. 

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