Storm R.I.P T-Bone Shad




Storm R.I.P T-Bone Shad 18cm, 42g - Qty 1

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The Storm RIP T-Bone is a superb lure new lure to the market, uniquely designed to reduce the weight by 30% compared to similar sized shads on the market, resulting in easier casting, faster fishing and less fatigue after a hard day's fishing! Ideal when rigged to the Storm R.I.P Multi Depth Screw System. Now also available in a handy 5 lure gift pack of great colours
  • Unique body shape
  • 30% less weight than a soft bait of equivalent size
  • Body collapses when attacked, exposing the hooks for a better hook up rate than any other similarly sized shad
  • T shape stabilizes the lure even at high speed retrieves
  • Features 3D pectoral fins and a textured full-body rib pattern which create vibrations 

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