SPRO Freestyle Urban Prey Slug 73

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SPRO Freestyle Urban Prey Slug 73, 2g - Qty 4

The newly designed and packaged Spro Freestyle Urban Prey Micro Slug 73mm is available for 2020 now! This dynamite little lure is well suited for many applications from micro jigging and Texas & Carolina rig to drop shot and bottom jigging or Cheburashka rig. The slim form body reacts well to slightest movement of the rod tip or a bit of current and movement. Have a look at the 37mm Micro Slug, the small brother of the 73, with a slightly fatter profile.

Try these lures on the fantastic Keitech Mono Guard Tungsten weedless jig heads in size #1/0. The perfect finesse, Urban / street fishing lure. Great for all sizes of perch, bass and other fish, perfect for those into their BFS and wasping for perch, but also good for a bit of salt water LRF. (Light Rock Fishing)

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