SPRO Tungsten Level Spike Nail Weight

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SPRO Tungsten Nail Weight/Level Spike Sinker Matte Black - Qty 3 - 5

Little tungsten nails to add to soft lures and create the specific desired action. Nail weights are frequently used in the USA for the "wacky" style of fishing, but has become more popular in recent years around UK, Europe and Worldwide.

The application possibilities are numerous, particularly within wacky and neko rigging, but also to any soft plastic lure, adding weight or a keel to stop unbalanced plastics rolling. Tungsten products are significantly smaller and denser (about 50%) than lead and brass and les harmful to the environment. Goes really well with lures like; Keitech Easy Shaker, Keitech Live Impact 

Have a look at the cool Neko Tool!

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