SPRO Larva Micro Spinnerbait




SPRO Larva Micro Spinnerbait 4cm, 7g - Qty 1

The new SPRO Larva Micro Spinnerbait is a great lure when predator fish are targeting small prey and baitfish. The unique SPRO design features the body profile of an insect combined with the attractiveness of a small baitfish. The rubber legs give this lure additional realistic appeal, whilst creating small vibrations similar to that of a fleeing insect. The custom spinner blade, attached with a stainless steel ball bearing swivel, runs smoothly and gives the small spinnerbait it's reflective, vibrating  boost. A great little lure for Trout, Perch, Pike ASP, Chub, Bass and other fresh water species which prefer a smaller snack. These little baits are equipped  with a single hook making them ideal for fishing trout rivers and reservoirs.


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