SPRO Komodo Shad - 11cm




SPRO Komodo Shad 11cm - Qty 1

This uniquely shaped softbait from SPRO has great some great characteristic features. From the detailed head design, the large ridges on the belly that help create a lifelike action but also causes more vibration as it  moves more water across the ridges. The Komodo Shad has a slit in belly and back for easy, precise rigging and better hook up as the hook shank has less plastic to move through, it also makes this a perfect lure for weedless fishing paired with hooks such as the Trokar Magnum 3/0 for the 11cm and Decoy Makisasu 2/0 on the 9cm version. This rig enables the hook point to sit flush in the back within the groove/slit, hugely reducing the chance of snagging up without reducing hook up rates much. The lure also has a slits on left and right, which enables it to move more freely and fold easily within a fishes mouth, again increasing hook up ratio. All these grooves and ribs make it great for holding onto Megastrike Scents longer within them! 

The paddle tail and the soft material ensure that the Komodo Shad can be fished both slowly and quickly depending on the anglers needs. A very versatile paddle tail lure for all species, including perch, bass, zander and pike. Try it on a SPRO Jig Head 4/0 and 2/0 respectively for deeper applications and vertical fishing. 

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