Gamakatsu 318 Worm Wacky Weedless Hooks

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Gamakatsu 318 Worm Wacky Weedless Hooks - Qty 4

Gamakatsu's Worm 318 Wacky Weedless is the evolution of the already good 318. Wide curve, ideal for baiting silicone baits of various shapes and sizes to wacky rigs, from stick baits to shrimp, up to medium-sized shads. It is equipped with an innovative black nylon anti-snag, which reflects the colour of the hook and allows you to face extreme conditions. This weedguard is fixed to the base of the eyelet with a sturdy coated binding and is placed under the barb creating a small "arch" which is perfect for the use of silicone baits in environments rich in vegetation, weeds, plants, avoiding the hook you go to entangle during the fishing action.

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