SPRO Gamakatsu Jig 71 Offset Jighead - 4961

SPRO Gamakatsu



SPRO Gamakatsu Jig 71 Offset Jighead - Qty 3

Gamakatsu are world renowned for producing some of the finest, strongest and sharpest hooks and jig heads and have been for many... many years. SPRO are a newer name to most of us, but still boast huge pedigree in the lure fishing world and have more recently become known for their superbly built lures, rods, accessories etc. Combine the 2 and undeniably, the result is one of THE very finest Jig Heads on the market today. The Jig 71 Offset Jighead is a great alternative to the standard Texas or Carolina rig, where conditions are a bit snaggy and pike are present, so a trace is required. Built on an EWG offset hook with weight attached, it makes it quick and easy so change hook and weight size using a BFT Fastach Snap. Ideal when combined with the SPRO Komodo Shad.

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