SPRO Iris Shockwave 300




SPRO Iris Shockwave 300 - 30cm, 59g - Qty 1

The New SPRO Iris Shock wave has "PIKE" written all over it. The big curly tailed soft plastics have always been a pike anglers favourite, but the "Dragon Tail" has become very popular amongst pike and musky fishermen worldwide in the last few years.

It’s no secret that big softbaits are extremely effective for giant predators, especially for those specimen hunters When fished and in full action the Iris Shock wave measures an impressive 30cm long, but is relatively light at only 59 grams, making it easy to cast on most pike set ups. As is the feature of all the Iris lures, this pike catching machine comes with oversized 16mm holographic eyes for a realistic appearance and added attraction, giving those predators a target to zone in on and increasing hook ups, as they will often his the lure head first! The specially designed, streamlined fins add stability to the lure helping it swim straight at any speed, whilst its tails curls and works magically luring in even the most cautions predators, making it a perfect plastic for casting and trolling.

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