Spike-It Fix A Lure Glue

Spike It


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Spike-It Fix A Lure Glue - 0.5fl oz (14ml)

This solvent glue from Spike It that sticks to lures, but not your hands is specifically designed to work on soft plastic lures, the strong and reliable Fix-A-Lure glue will get your lure back together and keep it together! Not only will Spike-It's glue have your lure as good as new, it won't stick to your hands! Fix-A-Lure is also great for designing and customizing your own unique lures. Try gluing a new tail to an existing lure or adding a 3-D eye to a plastic minnow. With Fix-A-Lure the possibilities are endless! The bottle is conveniently designed with a brush applicator which allows for precise applications to your lure and prevents the glue from drying out. (0.5 fl. oz.) 14ml. Because this glue is a solvent weld, it needs to be applied thinly to both surfaces to be stuck and held together for a couple of minutes whilst the plastic literally melts together. Best left for up to half an hour to fully bond with some harder and thicker plastics. 


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