Shimano Vanquish FB - Spinning Reel




Shimano Vanquish FB - Spinning Reel

Shimano Vanquish 19 FB Reel is the flagship reel of the quick release series from Shimano.  Lightweight, light rotation (low inertia) and high sensitivity, the Vanquish FB is perfect in use for light to ultra light fishing techniques for species like perch, trout and zander.

The body of the reel is made from magnesium with a Magnumlite Rotor design that offers a light rotation with a highly sensitive feel.  This combination is thanks to the Silent Drive and Micromodule Gear II technology.  The Vanquish comes in two sizes and can be used for many different techniques and species. C

The spool material is cold-forged, long-stroke, aluminium which is both strong and very light.  There is no extra spool with this reel but it does come with a screw-in handle which is made from one piece CI4+.

  • Body Type: Magnesium
  • Bearings: 11+1
  • Family Type: Spinning
  • No Extra Spool
  • Spool Material: Long Stroke, Aluminium Anodized, Cold Forged
  • Waterproof Drag
  • Screw In, One Piece CI4+ Single Handle

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