Shimano Kairiki G5 Sinking Braid Steel Grey - 100m




Shimano Kairiki - 100m

The new Shimano Kairiki G5 is a new braided Shimano line with unique characteristics. This 4 strand braided line uses a 5th core yarn made of a high gravity sinking material, suitable for fresh and saltwater applications. The result is a SINKING braided line which offers several advantages to anglers over conventional braids and nylon lines. Being heavier, thus less affected by wind during the cast and current during the initial drop on the water this line will get your lure to the target species quicker and will help hold bottom with less weight, giving the angler quicker and better control of the lure.
Other sinking lines on the market with high gravity/sinking are monofilament and fluoro but compared to those the unique, Kairiki G5 has no stretch, with much higher breaking strength per diameter. Kairiki G5 is developed for the real tackle fanatic who likes to tweak his or her material to the limit to achieve the best possible results. Give it a try, you won't be disappointed. 

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