Shimano Cardiff Flügel Flat Floating Jerk/Crankbait - 7cm




Shimano Cardiff Flügel Flat Floating Jerk/Crankbait 7cm, 5g Dive Depth 0-0.5m - Qty 1

The Shimano Cardiff Flügel flat is a flat body minnow that is equipped with a special Magnet Weight transfer system that results in great casting distance and the lure flying tail first like an arrow through the air. Due to the realistic finish and the flat side body shape, the lure looks just like a real bait fish and drives predators mad flashing and rolling while jerking.

  • Floating minnow design with extremely life-like details and colours
  • Magnet weight transfer for longer casting distance and improved action
  • Wide swimming action when retrieved with a constant speed
  • Flashing action when fished with small jerks


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