Kanalgratis Shark Shad 20cm




Kanalgratis Shark Shad 20cm, 70g - Qty 1

The superb Shark Shad from Kanalgratis was designed by Swedish lure builder Coffe Persson.

The over-sized paddle creates a huge amount of movement with as slow roll as the fins are slow the action down, resulting in a lure with a slow, heavy rolling action, like a typical paddle tail in slow-motion. The action of this lure will blow you (and the pike) away. 

This slow, deliberate action results in a lure that can be fished extremely slowly as well as really fast when fishing in warmer water. It has already produced many big pike and we're confident it'll become the next classic for predator anglers all over Europe.

The Shark Shad Can be rigged both on a Shallow Screw, or Screw In Head with a Stinger Rig attached, or using a large jig head with or without stingers. Add a Rattle in the paddle for added noise and attraction and get ready with the landing net! 

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