Savage Gear Soft 4Play 19cm

Savage Gear

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Savage Gear Soft 4Play 19cm Qty 2

After the huge worldwide success of the 4Play hardlures, Savage Gear now introduce a soft version of this great and world famous lure. This loose body version gives the specialist angler the option of rigging up in several ways:

1: On a jig head for unparralleled swimbait action
2: On an offset hook for the most superior weedless presentation
3: Tuned with the most innovative Tungsten Tube Weights
4: With the 4Play Lipsculls - to get the most natural crank bait imaginable.

The Soft 4Play has an incredibly lifelike swimming action and the natural sink rate of a hurt baitfish minnow in distress.

This is a lure with incredible detail and design, deadly for any predatory fish. Retrieve it, twitch it, troll it - you can't fish it wrong!

• Hand Painted
• Super natural swimming action
• Superb for Pike, Zander, Perch, Bass and any other prey hunting predators.

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