Savage Gear Gravity Stick - 12 Piece Mixed Kit

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Savage Gear Gravity Stick 6+6 Piece Mixed Kit. Lures are 12cm & 13g

A Handy pack of top notch bass fishing lures, ready to go. In this handy box is a range of slim-profile, long-casting soft lures with a high specific gravity towards the tail end, with the addition of a pre made hole and included nail weights for extra distance and faster sink rate. These lures also have a slot to insert a glass rattle, also included in the pack. 

Let legendary salt water angler, Henry Gilbey talk you through these cool lures:Get more Glass Rattles here if needed

Pack Contents:

  • 6 Lures - 2 Paddletail, 2 Pintail, 2 Pulsetail
  • 2 Corkscrew Weedless Hooks - 1 weighted, 1 standard
  • 2 Tungsten Spike Weights
  • 2 Glass Rattles


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