Savage Gear Floating Ned Salamander - 7.5cm

Colour: Clear Chartreuse
Sale price$7.00


Savage Gear Floating Ned Salamander 7.5cm, 3g - Qty 5

The all new Ned Salamander is like no other Ned lure out there. Whether the fish are simply after a quick meal or are protecting nests from the amphibians that commonly feed on fish eggs, they’re quick to pounce on salamanders. The Ned Salamander’s ribbed-body design and appendages assure the bait moves in perfect imitation of a feeding salamander or similar creature to attract the attention of predatory bass and other gamefish.

Take a look at the lure in action on the bottom here:

If you have ever netted in your local pond or river, you will know it is full of creepy crawly creatures like this, that all predators prey on! The Duratech soft plastic material is tuned with salt infusion for perfect buoyancy and sink rate.

Also available in Ned lures now is the Craw, Minnow Goby. Check out the whole Ned range in this video from the USA: 


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