Rozemeijer Tackle Concept Hip Pack 1 Tackle Tainer Mat + Rig spools




Rozemeijer Tackle Concept Hip Pack 1TT + 3 Rig spools

The Rozemeijer T.C. Hip Pack 1TT & Rig Spools is a bag that we've had a lot of requests for. The active angler does not always feel like a shoulder strap. As the name suggests, Hip Pack, you wear this bag around your hips. Special cushions ensure that it fits comfortably against your lower back and creates air flow to reduce discomfort and sweating, the wide band ensures it does not pop loose. If you need something, just turn the bag around your hips and grab it easily. If you open the main compartment, you will  see a foam block on the inside of the lid, where you can insert your hooks and/or treble hooks if you want to change quickly. The ideal bag for the angler who wants to have his shoulders free to fish optimally. The bag has 2 handy side pockets on the strap, a drink holder, pouch and velcro to secure your long nose pliers and a strap to hold a small landing net. You will also receive 3 free Rig Spools from us to spool up your dropshot, traces, Texas or Carolina rigs.

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