Rozemeijer Softbait Barbed Stinger Connector - 15pcs



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Rozemeijer Softbait Barbed Stinger Connector, 25mm - Qty 15

Fishing with soft plastic lures is immensely popular and for good reason, the catches on softbaits are absurdly good. Particularly with larger baits, stingers often used. The spike enables you to fish with the treble hook hanging loose, whilst being kept perfectly in place. The barbs will help hold the hook in whilst casting and retrieving, but will pull out when a fish is hooked, reducing damage to the lure and the fish, in addition to reducing the chance of the fish shaking the hook and making it easier to remove the hook with the lure out the way. With a partially open eyelet, the spike can be added retrospectively to a rig and removed if not required. 

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