Rozemeijer Pike Strike Paddle - 17cm

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Rozemeijer Pike Strike Paddle 17cm, 36g - Qty 1 

The Pike Strike Paddle in 17 cm by Rozemeijer is a big bait shad for large predatory fish.

Due to its slim shape and the large paddle detail, the shad provides a lot of pressure and vibrations underwater. The big eye and the natural pattern on the body of the rubber bait ensure a very lifelike look for the predators, the predators only notice that something is wrong when it is already too late.

The large eyes also provide a fixed point during the attack, so the probability that the pike misses its target is much lower, which has a very positive effect on the bite conversion.

The Pike Strike Paddle feels best in the herbaceous area and works best when you fish it directly above the herb fields and water lilies where the robbers lurk. 

  • Target fish: pike, perch zander and catfish

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