Rozemeijer Heavy Duty Hook Cutter - 20cm

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Rozemeijer Heavy Duty Hook Cutter - 20cm, 8 Inch
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"Brought these recently to replace an old rusty set.
First impressions was how well built they are, they have a fantastic finish and carryout the job of cutting hooks easily.
Nice product Rozemeijer 👍"- Gavin Moyce on Oct 25, 2021

A great quality, Heavy Duty and compact wire cutter for cutting hooks, thick wire etc. With the "bolt cutter" style double hinge, with minimal force on the rubber lined handles you can cut through the thickest of hooks. This is a tool every angler should have in their lure box, specifically when fishing for pike and other toothy predators. This tool is not only vital to improve fish welfare, but will help protect you and fellow anglers around you from those nasty treble hooks!

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