Rozemeijer Floating Landing Net 50 x 60 cm Magnetic Strap




Rozemeijer Floating Landing Net 50 x 60cm Magnetic Strap

Fishing from a kayak and / or belly boat is very popular, and not without reason. In this way you can fish in waters where boats cannot come, and you can also approach the fish silently. If you hook that one large perch or zander then you also want to land it. A net is very useful, but where do you leave that? That problem is now a thing of the past with our floating net including magnetic cord. Attach this net to your kayak and / or belly boat and let it float next to you. If you then want to land that fish, you create it and you can float it again to grab your unhooker and photo device. Do not underestimate this net with wading fishing, you will have this net handy when landing!


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