Rozemeijer Flexible Hook Sharpener

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Rozemeijer Flexible Hook Sharpener - 50 x 20 x 10mm

Don't spike your fingers like you do with conventional hooks sharpeners and don't worry if you have the hook at the correct angle, with this cool new soft hook file.

With the Flexible Hook Sharpener you will never have an excuse for blunt hooks. Small in size, soft and light, so easy to carry. Insert the hook point into the Flexible Hook Sharpener and move it up and down, twisst left and right a few times. With the sand crystals in the block, the hook will become razor sharp again. Coated hooks will lose their coating, but it doesn't matter. You can also file along the hook with the Flexible Hook Sharpener to make the hook sharp and to remove burrs.


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