Rozemeijer Baby Boom Slow Sinking Crankbait - 4.5cm

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Rozemeijer BabyBoom Slow Sinking Crankbait 45mm, 15g, Depth 0-0.6m - Qty 1

The Rozemeijer Baby Boom is the smallest member of their hard lures family, BUT it packs a big punch! The BabyBoom is ideal for fishing in shallow waters where the predator species are hiding amongst the weeds and structure. With it's high buoyancy and shallow dive, you can pull the BabyBoom just above the weeds to lure those big perch, chub, bass and other predators out of their hiding places. 

The Baby Boom sends out ultra-high frequency vibrations and pressure waves, resonate through the water getting the attention of all resident predatory fish. At 15g it's pretty heavy for its size, so you can take it to an unimaginable distance, which is hardly possible with other hardbaits of this size. This way you always have an advantage over other bank anglers who cannot cast your spot with their bait.

Hooks Included! :-) 

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