Rozemeijer Mini Split Ring Pliers & Braid Cutter 4.5"



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Rozemeijer Mini Split Ring Pliers & Braid Scissors 4.5", 11.4cm

The Mini Splitring Pliers & Braid Cutter from Rozemijer is a very practical multi tool, enabling you to cut fluorocarbon, mono and even braided line without fraying and with the jaws of the pliers you can effortlessly open split rings. 
With one edge of the cutters serrated, it prevents the line from slipping, but there is the added feature of a small V shaped groove in which you can place the line to prevent slipping. The end of the pliers is angled to make them easier to use. With a split ring attached, you can attach this to yourself, your tackle box or even the kayak to keep them secure. Light and high quality ideal for everyday use!

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