Rod Glove - Protective Baitcasting Rod Sleeve - 5.25 ft

Rod Glove



Rod Glove - Protective Rod Sleeve For Baitcasting Rods 6.5ft to 7.25ft - 5.25 ft in length

The original, made with expandable sleeving, which is sized for the perfect fit and easy on/off for your rods. Protect and organize your fishing rods with the Rod Glove Casting Rod Covers. 100% made in North America, the Rod Glove Rod Covers are a perfect way to protect the investment you've made in your fishing rods. Also prevents lines getting tangled and frayed when placed in racks, particularly in vehicles.

The casting version will fit over most spinning rods unless they have a particularly large first ring. It is a much tighter fit than the spinning version and, won't slip off in the wind on a boat, cost you less and take less space. 

Check out the new Spinning Rod Glove! These sleeves can be shortened by folding the end within the sleeve, but check out the Rod Glove for 2 pieces. Secure all your rods together with the cool new Rod Glove Wrapz

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