Reins Bubbling Shaker 3"


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Reins Bubbling Shaker 3" Qty 14

Constructed from an extremely pliable and supple soft plastic material, the Reins Bubbling Shaker is an incredible offering from Reins & Co, a premier Japanese domestic fishing company recently making inroads into the UK. Ideal for dropshotting and neko rig, the Bubbling Shaker's ribbed body creates a larger profile and the texture of the ribs is mouth-watering to perch and zander, causing them to hold on longer once they bite down. The bait's unique tail also produces a tantalizing action even with the slightest twitch of the rod. Featuring the attention to detail and creativity anglers have come to expect from Japanese domestic fishing manufacturers, the Reins Bubbling Shaker is available in a variety of proven colors and also has the added benefit of Reins' unique scent formula for additional fish attraction.

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