Reins Bubbling Shaker - 3.5"




Reins Bubbling Shaker, 3.5" (8.75cm) 2g - Qty 8

The Reins Bubbling Shaker in the new size of 3.5" is the perfect lure for big perch and zander in particular! Bubbling Shaker is buoyant and extremely flexible due to its ribbed body. Fished on a stand up, NED Style Jig Head like the Pro V Finesse from Eagle Claw, size #2 - #1 or the innovative, OMTD T-Genius Tungsten Ned Jig Head, this lures little pin tail will shake and move enticingly with the slightest movement of the rod tip or any current as it stands upright on the bottom, driving those predator fish crazy! It can also be fished on a Drop Shot Rig, or regular EWG hook as a Texas or Carolina Rig. For super weedless Ned Rigging, try the new EWG Ned Jig Head from Lifted Jigs. Made from a rubber compound, impregnated with salt and shrimp scent!




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