Picasso Lures Shake-E-Football Shakey Head Jig - Watermelon Chartreuse Tiger

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Picasso Lures Shake-E-Football Shakey Head Jig - Watermelon Chartreuse Tiger - Qty 2-3

The new Picasso Shake-E-Football combines the Picasso Fantasy Football Jig design with the Flexible Nickel Titanium Spring (bait keeper) to provide the ultimate in shakey jig fishing. Not only is this jig great for the shakey technique, but it is also highly versatile for casting and flipping in any cover or open water. Mounted on a 3/0 or 4/0, 60 degree Cross Eye Gamakatsu Hook, the tough Duraseal™ coating and textured head rolls over rocks, through grass, and drags through wood with no hang-ups due to the flexible spring (bait keeper). The spring provides a weedless presentation when your favourite soft plastic is added to the head. This jig also has a very vertical fall for "stroking" techniques. With a size range of 1/16oz. to 1oz., you can easily go from finesse to power shaking and cover a variety of situations.

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