Owner Beast Unweighted Twist Lock Hooks



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Owner Beast Unweighted Twist Lock Hooks

These hooks are superb for all your weedless fishing needs, when you see or hear fish hunting but simply could not cast to them with conventional hooks or jig heads, because they're hiding in heavy cover. With a weedless rigged soft lure, you can cast much more confidently at those hard to get to fish!

Simply screw the Centering-Pin Screw to the nose of your lure and then pushing the hook through the body the plastic lure, with the hook point sitting flush on the back of your lure of choice. Below are some lures and sizes we recommend with the respective hook size:

The hooks feature:

  • Twistlock centering pin spring
  • XXX strong forged shank
  • Super sharp needle point
  • Quick drop shank below eye for rigging fat headed baits

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