Kanalgratis Nettel Juvenile 19cm - 2 Pack




Kanalgratis Nettel Juvenile 19cm, 25g - Qty 2

The Nettel Juvenile from Kanalgratis & Nettel Baits is a downsize of the original monster Nettel Laken, designed by Swedish lure builder Björn Nettelbladt. Whilst the original was popular, many requested a smaller size, suitable for casting and tournament fishing using lighter rods and reels. Because of the long tail design, this lure is very light for a lure with a big profile causing a lot of disturbance in the water as the tails curls seductively through the water even at slow retrieve speeds and on the drop. 

This lure can be rigged on a standard Roundup HD Jighead 8/0 - 10/0 or a weedless rig with the Trokar Magnum 9/0. It can also be fished deep or shallow the the addition of a Screw In Jighead or Shallow Screw with a Pro Stinger 6-8cm attached.



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