Nays MZ RNNR Spinnerbait 21g

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Nays MZ RNNR 21g - Large

Created by Dustin Schöne as you may have seen in Perch Pro together with Tobias Ekvall.

This is the third bait in the NAYS family and it´s called MZ RNNR. Dustin has been working hard on developing this spinnerbait to have as good quality as possible and tolerate many hungry pike.

This Large version has two Willowblades to create extra vibration in the water so that the predators (especially for the perch and pike) will feel this from a long distance. The hook is a 3/0 Mustad Black Nickel Hook. It is also equipped with a small screw so that you can easily put on a "trailer" to maximized the power and vibrations in the water.

Large - We recommend putting on a jig with a paddle or curlytail between 10-12cm.

Expect hard strikes and fun fights!

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