Nays Blade Runner 10g

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Nays Blade Runner 10g BLD RNNR - Qty 1

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Spinnerbaits are one of my fav lures for pike and perch. I love these because even if it has an open eye, it comes with soare bands to stop a clip slipping. That said I've found even without the band, they swim well. The screw for a trailer is a very good addition I've never seen before".

James Hawes on Jan 07, 2022


The Nays Blade Runner Spin Jig is a new lure to the market that you may have seen featured in the current series of Perch Pro on KanalGratis. This lure is more compact than many of it's competitors with the signature Nays rippled belly to create more disturbance in the water, triggering bites from hungry perch, zander, pike, trout, chub, largemouth bass and just about any predator fish in the vicinity!! 

Nays aims to deliver the highest quality fishing gear to ambitious anglers around the world. All products have been designed, crafted and tested adhering to the highest professional standards.

In every piece of Nays you find the deep practical experience of tournament fishermen and international engineering competence. Let Nays provide more professional quality to your fishing experience.

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