Monkey Lures Hairy Lui 14cm

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Monkey Lures Hairy Lui 14cm, 5.5” 12g - Qty 4

The Hairy Lui specifically designed designed for vertical and pelagic fishing. The stand out feature of the Hairy Lui is it's skirt tail that moves and pulses and enticingly with the smallest of rod movements or a slight current, looking like it really is alive! The Famous Monkey Lures Big X eye allows zander, pike, perch and other hunger predators to target the head. Seafood infused flavour with added salt provides added attraction and weight for casting. The groove along the back combine with the an extremely soft material make it easy for the predator to inhale the bait and fold that tasselled tail deep into their mouth. Can be rigged on a traditional 4-6/0 jig head, offset hook or other finesse rigs 

“Classic bait for the cold winter days. Especially designed for vertical fishing and really unique with the pulsating skirt at the tail of the bait."


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