Monkey Lures Craby Lui 10cm

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Monkey Lures Craby Lui 10cm, 4” 6g - Qty 5

Craby Lui is specifically designed for perch and zander fishing, but will attract most predators, including pike and bass. The multiple appendages on Craby Lui Produces small vibrations and movements with very little rod tip action and current, meaning they can be fished very slow on a light weight and will also catch many fish on the drop.

The front facing "tentacles" push water and help stir up sediment drawing in curious predators from further away than the typical creature bait design. With a deep groove in the back, this lure is great on a Texas or Carolina Rig, or similar weedless options, but equally effective fished on a conventional or Ned Jig head. The buoyancy of Craby Lui encourages it to stand up on the bottom with the front pincers moving about seductively, just like a crayfish would in defence mode. Seafood infused flavour and salt  give the lure added attraction and casting weight without jeopardising it's buoyancy. 

“The first creature Bait from Monkey Lures, brought about by the high demand for creature baits and buoyant lures. Really good catching results during the winter months and also during perch fishing. Especially when normal baits were rejected.

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