Monkey Lures Baby Lui 3.5cm

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Monkey Lures Baby Lui 3.5cm, 1.3” 1.1g - Qty 12

What our customers are saying:

"Well what can I say the lure is amazing went to a club water that we had been struggling on for a few weeks using other lures well not anymore I got one of each colour and had fish on ever colour the swimming action is great its totally unique defo worth every penny" - Gaz Ballantyne on Aug 11, 2021

Designed for perch and trout fishing. Perfect imitation of a small baitfish, the big paddle tail in combination with the high volume body makes an high frequency and hectic action. Can also be fished really slow. Big x-eye lets the predator target the head, Seafood flavour with included salt crystal for an extra attraction. Can be rigged in many ways, including drop shot, cheburashka etc. 

The Latest member of the Monkey Lures Family and with a size of 3,5cm the first “Micro-Bait. But  dont think its only for small fishes. During the testing phase we caught a high amount of really big fishes. Especially during the summer when the predators focusing on small baitfish.


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