Monkey Lures Baby Lui 3.5cm

Monkey Lures



Monkey Lures Baby Lui 3.5cm, 1.3” 1.1g - Qty 12

What our customers are saying:

"Well what can I say the lure is amazing went to a club water that we had been struggling on for a few weeks using other lures well not anymore I got one of each colour and had fish on ever colour the swimming action is great its totally unique defo worth every penny" - Gaz Ballantyne on Aug 11, 2021

- designed for perch and trout fishing
- Perfect imitation of a small baitfish
- the big paddle tail in combination with the high volume body makes an high frequency and hectic action
- Can also be fished really slow
- Big x-eye let the predator target the head
- Seafood flavour with included salt crystal for an extra attraction
- Can be rigged at any kind of montages ( drop shot, cheburashka, etc. )
- especially good  in the spring time


“Latest member of the Monkey Lures Family and with a size of 3,5cm the first “Micro-Bait. But  dont think its only for small fishes. During the testing phase we caught a high amount of really big fishes. Especially during the summer when the predators focusing on small baitfishe."


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